Information Sheet 53: BANZ Solid biofuel suppliers register

Solid biofuel includes any biomass derived fuels from wood (wood fuel), agricultural herbaceous biomass (eg miscanthus, straw), and urban wood. In New Zealand reference is often to wood fuel as wood is the largest source of solid biofuel.

Woody or herbaceous biomass resource is readily available throughout New Zealand and Australia. Solid biofuel can be produced from these sustainable resources and sold in a number of types and grades (chip, hog, pellets, briquettes/firelogs, firewood) which need to be matched to combustion equipment design for efficient operation.

The types of fuel are set out in the Technical Guide 1 - Solid Biofuel Classification Guidelines. There are a number of established solid biofuel suppliers who collect and aggregate the raw biomass resource and process it into a solid biofuel available for supply to end use customers. This Information Sheet sets out the Association’s Register of members who are suppliers of solid biofuel.

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