Information Sheet 61: Sourcing biomass to meet the demand for biofuels


As New Zealand transitions to a circular bioeconomy there will be an increasing demand for biomass and organic waste to be used as feedstock for production of a wide range of products including bioenergy and biofuels, engineered wood products, biochemicals, and bio-based materials.

Simple analysis shows that the total demand for biomass and organic waste can be met provided there are policies and programmes that incentivise wise land use and that integrated agriculture and forestry land uses are encouraged. It is also assumed that the proposed revision of the Waste Strategy is implemented.

This Information Sheet focuses on an immediate priority of ensuring that there is enough biomass and organic waste to meet an initial target of 150PJ of energy to replace fossil fuels with a consequential greenhouse gas emissions reduction of xxxx kt CO2-e pa by 2035, and yyy kt CO2-e pa by 2050.

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