Life cycle cost handbook - guidance for life cycle cost estimation and analysis

Life Cycle Cost Handbook - Guidance for Life Cycle Cost Estimation and Analysis, September 2014, 

There may be differences in life-cycle phases and coverage among the various DOE program offices and types of projects or programs. In particular, the phases typically encountered for environmental management (EM) and environmental restoration (ER) projects are very different from the phases seen for design, construction, and operation of the more typical DOE facility (new or modification). Appendix A of this manual relates the above described traditional life-cycle phases to those encountered by EM/ER projects within DOE.

To clearly illustrate the LCC principles and guidance recommended for all of DOE in this handbook, the above general structure will be used throughout this document for consistency. The principles presented are equally applicable, even for situations where phases may be viewed somewhat differently depending on program-specific requirements and approaches.

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