Life-cycle costing manual for the Federal Energy Management Program

Life-cycle costing manual for the Federal Energy Management Program, NIST Handbook 135 1995 edition, by Sieglinde K Fuller and Stephen R Petersen, US Department of Commerce, Technology Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Handbook 135 is a guide to understanding the life-cycle cost (LCC) methodology and criteria established by the Federal Energy Management Programme (FEMP) for the economic evaluation of energy and water conservation projects and renewable energy projects in all federal buildings. It expands on the life-cycle cost methods and criteria contained in the FEMP rules published in 10 CFR 435, Subpart A which applies to all federal agencies.

The purpose of this handbook is to facilitate the implementation of teh FEMP rules by explaining the LCC method, defining the measure of economic performance used, describing the assumptions and procedures to follow in performing evaluations, giving examples, and noting NIST computer software available for computation and reporting purposes.

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