Nordic ecolabelling boilers for solid biofuels

Nordic ecolabelling of boilers for solid biofuel
Version 3.0, 2014-2019

What is a Nordic Ecolabelled boiler?

Nordic Ecolabelled boilers for solid biofuel are relatively simple combustion systems of up to 500 kW. The fuel may be added manually or automatically. Solid biofuel is firewood, wood pellets, briquettes, wood chips or straw. The boiler's function is to be the home's primary heating source by transporting heated water through the home's central heating system.

A Nordic Ecolabelled boiler produces low emissions of particles, organic gaseous carbon/volatile hydrocarbons (OGC), carbon monoxide (CO) and NOx and has a high level of efficiency. Emissions have a negative effect on health, and the emission volumes vary considerably between the various types of boilers. The boilers must also comply with stringent electricity consumption regulations. The requirement for the boiler to be equipped with a sensor system also ensures optimum combustion.

The Nordic Ecolabel makes requirements of a ban on the use of production chemicals with specific hazard classifications, and requires a five-year guarantee for the bearing structure.

The manufacturer must also clearly inform the customer about how the boiler is to be used and maintained in order to function optimally, and that the boiler must be installed by certified installation technicians, as well as the offer of annual service agreements, and the requirement of access to spare parts for ten years after the boiler is no longer manufactured.

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