Presentation: Comparison of the productivity of cut-to-length harvesting and fuel-adapted harvesting in a Pinus radiata clearfell operation in Western Australia

A presentation by Martin Strandgard, Senior Research Fellow, University of the Sunshine Coast, PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania
Team members: Rick Mitchell (USC), Assoc. Prof. Paul Turner (UTas), Dr Like Mirowski (UTas)

There is increasing interest in Australia in the use of forest biomass to generate energy. Logging residues represent a large, underutilised potential source of forest biomass. However, current forest harvesting practices are not designed to facilitate the extraction of logging residues. To address this deficiency, a forest harvesting technique has been developed in Sweden (“fuel-adapted harvesting”) that involves piling residues during harvesting.

The webinar will describe the results of the first large-scale trial of fuel-adapted harvesting in Australia.  It will be held on Monday 18 June 2018 at 12noon (AEST), 2pm (NZ time).

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