Progress towards biofuels for marine shipping

Status and identification of barriers for utilization of advanced biofuels in the marine sector IEA Bioenergy: Task 39

Biomass has the potential to fully supply the marine sector with sustainable fuel and is a promising solution for both reducing carbon emissions and meeting sulphur regulations, which were thoroughly described in the 2017 IEA bioenergy report on Biofuels for the marine shipping sector. The benefits of biofuels have to some extent been recognized by the maritime sector, where the interest in biofuels in the last 5 years have been visible through progress in engine development, in sea-going biofuel trials of blends, as well as in 100% biofuel trials. However, greater use of biofuels in the sector is limited by the volumes presently available with delays in commercialization of technologies. This report seeks to uncover the largest barriers for the commercialization of biofuels for the marine sector, as identification of the current barriers will excel concrete actions from various stakeholders advancing the employment of sustainable biofuels in the maritime sector.

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