Report: National Statement of Science Investment 2015–2025

In May 2014, the Minister of Science and Innovation released a draft National Statement of Science Investment (NSSI) for public feedback. Much of the feedback received on the draft NSSI welcomed it as a description of the current science and innovation system, but consultees also asked for a document that was more focused on the future, and that contained a more comprehensive plan for science and innovation in New Zealand. This final NSSI responds to that feedback. It is more forward looking and presents Government’s vision for the future in a more specific way. It also presents a revised structure for this vision. Where the draft contained seven objectives, the final document contains a clearer description of what Government expects the growing science system to achieve, and a simpler vision statement for science and innovation funding in New Zealand. It relies mostly on two main ‘pillars’ as the means to achieve that vision: excellence and impact. 

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