Report: Remote bio energy - Bio-oil option

Alternative Energy Solutions (AES) take pleasure in submitting this report prepared for the Energy and Efficiency and conservation Authority (EECA). The Report is submitted as a supplement to the FIDA Engineering Solutions program: Remote Bio-energy Proposal and is titled: Bio-oil Option.

This report specifically addresses the studies prime objective, identifying plants that are suitable for the remote recovery of forest residues. Some of the prerequisites will be portability, plant cost, ease of operation and the systems maturity.
The report concentrates on using the Bio-oil as a combustion fuel – a fossil or gas replacement, the reader should be aware of the potential of secondary use as feedstock for Biorefinery use and the emerging Bio Char opportunities –a relatively easy step and the potential conversion selected plant in this study.
Generalities of relevant Bio-oil related interest points are given. Please note all points can be further studied from the considerable number of reports available, referenced in the excellent Pyrolysis Biomass handbook by professor Tony Bridgwater of Aston University – essential reading for further development into Bio-oil.

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