Revised draft quality protocol for biomethane

Development of an end of waste Quality Protocol for biomethane for injection into the gas grid, or for use as a fuel in suitably designed appliances

February 2013, European Pathway to Zero Waste

What is a Quality Protocol?

A Quality Protocol sets out end of waste criteria for the production and use of a product from a specific waste type.  Compliance with these criteria is sufficient to demonstrate that the fully recovered product may be used without undermining the effectiveness of the WFD and without the need for waste management controls.In addition, a Quality Protocol indicates how compliance may be demonstrated.  A Quality Protocol further aims to provide increased market confidence in the quality of products made from waste and so encourage greater recovery and recycling.

This Quality Protocol has four main purposes:

  • To clarify the point at which waste management controls are no longer required, ie the point at which the biomethane from waste is ready for market;
  • To provide users with confidence that the biomethane they use confirms to an approved product standard and, if specified, a customer specification;
  • To provide users with confidence that the material is suitable for use in the designated applications; and
  • To protect human health and the environment.

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