RNG and its future in a decarbonised world

Renewable Gas – discussion on the state of the industry and its future in a decarbonised world, and IEA Bioenergy Task 37 report, Nov 2021

Traditional renewable gas technologies (such as biogas and biomethane) can be considered mature. We have the technologies in place to make renewable gases from wet organic material, dry woody material and from electricity. Biomethane is perfectly suited to decarbonise the hard to abate sectors including heavy duty transport; high temperature industrial heat; agriculture; fertiliser and chemical production. When it is considered that at present in the EU and the USA, the natural gas grid provides more energy than the electricity grid. In this report, six actions have been identified to optimise the future development of renewable gas systems and make it a success story. In Denmark biomethane substituted natural gas in the grid with over 25%.

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