Solid biofuel standardization


The demand for solid biomass for energy use has increased strongly in the recent decades, and there is no sign of reduction in demand neither in the European nor in developing countries including Georgia. In 2004 EU presented Climate Change Action Plan0F1 to reduce the need for fossil fuels, biomass is an obvious candidate to take a bigger part in the renewed energy mix. From being a kind of byproduct from the local forest industry, even hard to get rid of, in some cases, the solid biomass now is becoming a converted into a spectrum of well-priced products worth to be shipped to long distances. Stumps, tops, branches and other bio sources are now worth to be used as fuels in the energy balance.

The presented desk study is based on compilation and analysis of international, regional and some national data on solid biofuel standardisation. The rest of the paper gives an overview of the contents of Standards and explains how to use them as a supporting tool for businesses; how and where to find Standards and to improve their use in the market. The study aims to illustrate the current state of solid biofuel standardisation at different levels and to support further development of the industry in Georgia.

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