Best Available Techniques for solid biomass fuel processing, handling, storage and production of pellets from biomass

Best Available Techniques (BAT) in solid biomass fuel processing, handling, storage and production of pellets from biomass
Jenny P. Lindberg och Jukka Tana, ÅF-Industri Ab


The Nordic Council of Ministers, the BAT Group under the Working group for sustainable consumption and production (the HKP-group) has requested to prepare a report on Best Available Techniques (BAT) in solid biomass processing, handling, storage and production of pellets from biomass in the Nordic countries.

The project aims to provide information for operators, environmental consultants and competent environmental authorities on what is considered BAT, as defined in the IPPC directive (2008/1/EC), in biomass processing and handling as well as the production of pellets from biomass.  The Nordic countries are in the leading position in questions regarding handling solid biomass, especially Sweden and Finland in the forest segment and Denmark in the agricultural segment.

The project describes the present status of used technologies in the different steps of handling, preparing and refining solid biomass in the Nordic countries. Different techniques will generate different environmental impacts. Specific processes in the production chain, such as manufacturing of pellets, biomass drying or large-scale biomass storage do also contribute with emissions to air, water and soil. The focus of this study has been to locate these disturbances in the biomass process chain and present information in how to build up proper systems with reduced
environmental impacts.

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