Submission: draft refresh of the NZEECS 2017-2022

NZEECS refresh: 2017-2011 - targeted consultation document

Unlocking our energy productivity and renewable potential - Draft NZEECS 2017-2022

  1. The Bioenergy Association welcomes the refresh of the NZEECS and supports its new directions. Points raised in this submission are aimed at improving the strategy where there are gaps.
  2. The Association has consulted its members and incorporated relevant suggestions from them. However members have also been encouraged to make their own submissions to reinforce points or to provide additional information.
  3. In addition to creating jobs and supporting regional economic resilience bioenergy can be a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emission reduction by transitioning of heat production from fossil fuels to wood fuel or biogas; reduction of discharge of methane from municipal and trade waste; and an increased use of liquid biofuels.
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