Submission: ICCC call for evidence response

The Bioenergy Association response is structured to provide separate evidence on opportunities for greenhouse gas emission reduction for each of the areas of expertise covered by the membership:

  1. Replacing combustion of fossil fuels by solid, gaseous and liquid biofuels to produce heat
  2. Reducing methane and carbon dioxide emissions by processing of residual food waste to produce biogas and biofertiliser and avoid disposal to landfill.
  3. Reducing methane and carbon dioxide emissions by best practice anaerobic digestion at waste water treatment facilities.
  4. Assisting agriculture and horticulture farms adoption of circular economy principles and practices to reduce net farm greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by replacement of fossil fuels by gaseous and liquid biofuels for transport.
  6. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by use of wood fuel for space and water heating.

All relevant evidence which is available to support the Association’s submission is available from reports, workshop presentations and webinars available from the Bioenergy Knowledge Centre and the Association websites:

Open access to all material can be made available.  This submission complements specific individual submissions from members.

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