Technical Guide 01: Solid biofuel classification guidelines

These guidelines for classification of solid biofuels were prepared to provide a common terminology and methodology for classifying, specifying and declaring the quality and properties of traded solid biofuel in New Zealand. In most cases it is expected that the traded fuel will be a wood fuel. View current approved version.

Proposed edits to Technical Guide 1

Section 10 Wood pellet fuel; and Section 16 International wood fuel standards and classes are being revised.  The revised sections are highlighted in the full document link below.  Please send your comments or reviews to the Executive Officer.

Certification that fuel meets the relevant standard

Within New Zealand and Australia the assurance that fuel you purchase meets the relevant standards occurs if you purchase from an Accredited Wood Fuel Supplier - An independent party has assured the Bioenergy Association that the pellets being sold for residential heating meet the standards claimed on the bag. Accreditation covers all aspects of the fuel supply business.

For wood pellet fuel there are also two international certification organisations which provide independent inspection and on-going monitoring of the supplier's pellet production and certifies that the pellets meet the relevant standards. These are DINPlus and ENplus.  Both certifications are to the same base standard ISO 172225-2. 

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