Technical Guide 05: Standard methods for verifying the quality of solid biofuels

This Guide provides the recommended best practice methods for determining the quality of solid biofuels. The methods are based on international best practice standards for sampling and testing the quality of solid biofuels.

This document sets out the recommended best practice most relevant to New Zealand and Australia.

While it is important that fuel be properly specified in a Sale and Purchase Agreement so that there is no confusion between the buyer and the seller it is also important that the characteristics of the fuel being delivered can be verified as meeting that specification. 

The guides suggest that there be three levels of verification:

  • Level 1 – measurement of moisture at the point of delivery using simple methods.
  • Level 2 – limited laboratory testing of size, moisture, % ash, and calorific value
  • Level 3 – full laboratory testing necessary for diagnostic purposes.
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