Technical Guide 08: The production and use of digestate as biofertiliser


NOTE:  This Technical Guide is currently under review.  Click on the link at the bottom of this webpage to view the proposed version. 

The Bioenergy Association welcomes your views, please insert your tracked changes or comments and send the document to the Executive Officer

The Technical Guide will be showcased at 'The production and use as biofertiliser of digestate derived from source segregated organic waste' virtual workshop on 2 December. After the workshop the review Working Group will review all comments received and produce a final draft of this version. This version will be used to expand coverage to include Australian states and to establish certification procedures.

It is the intention that the Guide will eventually be developed into an AS/NZS Publicly Available Specification.

This Technical Guide provides specific guidance on the production of high-quality, safe and healthy digestate for use as a fertiliser substitute. It provides a fundamental basis for the AD facility certification of their digestate as Biofertiliser. The Biofertiliser status decouples the use of the certified product from the regulatory requirements associated with handling and use of waste products.

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