Technical Guide 13: Design, construction, operation of AD equipment for farm waste treatment

Technical Guide 13: Design, construction, operation of AD equipment for farm waste treatment aims to provide guidance on the technical aspects of anaerobic digestion equipment for treatment of farm waste from concept development, through design and construction to the start-up and successful operation. It is divided into three main sections:

  1. Technical guide – This section describes technical, biochemical and environmental aspects of anaerobic digestion of organic waste. 
  2. Implementation guide – The implementation section focuses on application of the aspects descried in the Technical guide into practice during design and construction of an anaerobic digester system.
  3. Operation guide – The Operation guide provides recommendations for commencing the operation and the follow-on process monitoring to achieve long-term stable and reliable performance.

While it is possible to construct an anaerobic digester following the advice contained in this document, the authors of the Technical Guide recommend engaging a qualified and experienced engineer or firm to, as a minimum, peer-review the final design and approve the construction.

The Guide replaces NZS 5228 parts 1 and 2: 1987 The Production And Use Of Biogas, Farm Scale Operation (Standards New Zealand, 1987) and should be read in conjunction with the Australian Pork Code of Practice for On-farm Biogas Production and use (Piggeries).

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