Technical Note SB04: Solid Biofuel Supplier Accreditation Scheme

What is the Solid Biofuel Supplier Accreditation Scheme?

The Solid Biofuel Supplier Accreditation Scheme (SBSAS) is available to New Zealand and Australian suppliers of solid biofuel, commonly referred to as wood fuel because the largest volume of biomass is from wood.

The scheme is aimed at ensuring the delivery of contract specified solid biofuel time and time again. The Scheme presents a win-win for suppliers of solid biofuel and those who buy it - reliability of supply will provide assurance to buyers and best prices for sellers.

The SBSAS provides independent assessment of a wood fuel supplier's ability to consistently deliver contracted quantity and quality of biomass fuel (eg, wood chip fuel, pellets, briquettes, hog fuel, etc.). The aim of the Scheme is to provide assurance to customers that when they buy biomass fuel from a accredited supplier, the fuel complies with the contracted specification, has been subjected to quality assurance to ensure its consistency, and the supplier is covered by the Association’s complaint procedures.

The Scheme is administered by the Bioenergy Association and covers New Zealand and Australia.

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