Technical Note SB32: Solid biofuel standards


International solid biofuel standards are under the direct responsibility of  ISO committee ISO/TC 238

International organisation for standardisation

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) develops and publishes international standards for the manufacture of products, operating practices etc. To develop a standard, international experts form a technical committee that is responsible for that specific subject area. They begin the process with the development of a draft that meets a specific market need. This is then shared for commenting and further discussion. Standards are developed in committee until ready for public consultation. After comments are received from the public the committee will produce a final document.

Individual countries have their own standards setting organisations and each of these may be a national member of the ISO.  New Zealand and Australia try and reference international standards rather than produce their own. 

Bioenergy Association is the observing New Zealand representative on this committee.


The international standard ISO 17225, and its nine parts, is recognised in New Zealand and Australia as the suite of standards covering all solid biofuels in these countries.

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