Technical Note SB34: Torrefaction of biomass to produce biofuel

Wood Fuel is often available to the market through a variety of outlets as follows:

  • Dedicated wood fuel producers and/or suppliers,
  • Wood fuelled heat plant equipment suppliers/installers (who can also supply wood fuel),
  • Wood processors - residue from wood processing,
  • Forestry contractors,
  • DIY chain stores and petrol stations.

Purchase of wood fuel will depend on a number of things including:

  • Quality (what kind of fuel is needed in order for the installed equipment to operate at maximum efficiency?). Does your plant require high quality fuel or can it use lower and thus cheaper quality fuel?
  • Cost (relative to the alternatives, what is affordable?; Is there a supplier near-by?)
  • Quantity (what volumes of fuel are needed and when, who can supply it?)
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