Technical Note SB51: Safe biomass driers

Solid biofuel (Wood fuel) is produced from a wide range of sources of biomass. Biomass as sourced will usually require some treatment before it is a fuel suitable for combustion in specific heat plant. Once treated It is often referred to as wood fuel as wood is the most common source of biomass for producing solid biofuels.

Biomass can be sourced from wood harvest or process residues, agricultural herbaceous crop residues, or solid waste.

Wood fuel is defined by specific characteristics such as length and moisture content. The characteristics of the full range of solid biofuels is set out in Technical Guide 1 - Solid Biofuel Classification Guidelines.

Treatment of the source biomass to meet the fuel specification characteristics may include, chipping or hogging, drying, sieving for size, removing fine material, removing contaminants.

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