Technical Note SB58: Dust Hazard Analysis

Extracted from Canadian Biomass, June 25, 2020
By Jeramy Slaunwhite

Many industrial facilities handle combustible particulate material, which pose fire and explosion hazards.  Managing combustible dust hazards is critical to ensure the safety of the plant personnel and operations.  In order to effectively manage combustible dust hazards, they must first be identified and understood.  A dust hazard analysis (DHA) is a systematic review and assessment of a process and/or facility led by someone with knowledge and experience in understanding and identifying combustible dust hazards.  A DHA is a tool to help plant managers and operators address and manage hazards that may not have been otherwise obvious.  It is also a documented record of awareness that places a diligence and duty on the plant manager/owner to address the hazards.

[This article is part of Dust Safety Week 2020]

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