WE3-WE7: Specifying and writing a business case for wood fuelled heat plant

Short course held on 3 November 2016

These two half day courses are to assist wood energy project advisers demonstrate that they have appropriate knowledge on how to investigate and specify wood fuel heat plant, and write a business case. The courses are part of a suite of activities developed by the Bioenergy Association to provide confidence in the wood energy market.

The course is principally for wood energy advisers and owners of heat plant.

The number of boilers operating on wood fuel in New Zealand continues to grow, making good use of a sustainable fuel source and reducing emissions to air.  Some boilers are new installations while others are conversions to wood from coal.  Whether your boiler is a new one or a conversion it is critical for efficient operation that owners have confidence that their advisers have the appropriate knowledge and experience of wood fuel combustion. It has quite different combustion characteristics to coal.

Government has also signaled that it wishes to encourage more use of wood fuel instead of coal so we expect an increase in activity.

The purpose of this course is for attendees to:

  • Gain a good understanding of what is important when evaluating and specifying wood fueled heat plant;
  • Have a good working knowledge of wood fuel classification and grading
  • Understand plant design and selection to match fuel availability
  • Be able to analyses project and business risk
  • Be able to write a business case for a wood fueled heat plant project

Course programme