Web170215: Is there life after DAF?


A Bioenergy Association and Bioenergy Australia joint webinar.   

Advances in processing high solid / fat food wastes using anaerobic digestion

Currently, the most adopted treatment technology used to process wastewater from the food processing industry is chemically-assisted separation of solids and fats, using a technique known as Dissolve Air Flotation (DAF).  The effluent is either directly discharged, applied on land or polished using aerobic biological treatment withthe separated solids, DAF sludge, being disposed of. DAF is able to achieve high solids separation efficiency but the key challenges for successful DAF operation is an adequate upstream flow buffering while managing odour generation and disposal of the DAF sludge.

About the presenter - Alzbeta Bouskov

Alzbeta is a process engineer at ADI Systems Asia Pacific. She specialises in anaerobic treatment of waste and wastewater and nutrients removal. Alzbeta has completed numerous feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed designs, pilot plant operations and commissioning.

Over recent years Alzbeta has been actively involved in the NZ and Australian biogas sectors.

Among other activities she lead the development of the Bioenergy Association Technical Guide 8 - The Production and Use of Digestate as Fertiliser. To date, ADI Systems have designed over 250 plants in more than 30 countries around the world.  See company profile...>

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