Web170718: Wood energy industrial symbiosis

Energy resource and heat demand mapping & Process heat options and economics in NZ

A webinar by Peter Hall of Scion, & Martin Atkins of University of Waikato on 18 July 2017

Symbiosis is the association between two or more industrial facilities in which wastes or byproducts of one becomes the raw materials for another. Acting co-operatively, operating costs can be reduced and new business and job opportunities open up.

The presentations are an interim report on a four year project investigating the process heat opportunities that would arise from collaboration between demand and supply parties The project is being undertaken by Scion, GNS and Waikato University.  A goal of the Wood Energy Industrial Symbiosis project is to identify opportunities for co-location of industrial processes to improve energy efficiency. The initial part of the project is to gather data on resources (coal, gas, geothermal and wood) and map these versus demand for industrial heat.

About the presenters

Peter Hall

Peter Hall has worked in forest management, logging and bioenergy research in various roles since 1978.  Currently employed at Scion. Worked on the Bioenergy Options for New Zealand project 2007 to 2009. Currently a scientist / project manager, in Scions Bioenergy programme, working on biomass resource analysis, solid fuels, industrial symbiosis and techno-economic analysis (WoodScape).

Dr Martin Atkins

Dr Martin Atkins is a Chemical Engineer and Research Fellow at the University of Waikato.  Dr Atkin’s research focuses on increasing industrial symbiosis in wood processing clusters by optimising linkages between existing processes and effectively integrate new wood based processes.

Use the following link to access the webinar recording and presentations

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