Web180502: Utilising municipal organic waste to reduce energy costs

With minor modification municipal waste water treatment facilities can reduce waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

A webinar presented by Jurgen Thiele of Calibre on 2 May 2018 at 2pm (NZ time), 12 noon (AEST), 10am (AWST), 11.30am (ACST)Attendees of this webinar gained an understanding of:

  • the business opportunities for modifying existing waste water treatment facilities in New Zealand to be able to accept greater volumes of trade waste and industrial waste and to significantly increase renewable energy production;
  • the fit of this strategy with the current WWTP infrastructure;
  • the extent of investment and operating costs reductions;
  • the reduction in methane emissions as a greenhouse gas contributor;
  • the likely economics of this type of initiative and the amount of international carbon credits which would not have to be purchased.

Related reports

The reports underpinning this webinar and the recent one on 'Utilising food waste' are now available in the Bioenergy Knowledge Centre, or see links below.

About the presenter

Jurgen Thiele is the Business Unit Leader - Waste Recovery at Calibre Consulting.  Jürgen completed his PhD in Microbial Biotechnology in 1982 in Germany. Since then he has led anaerobic digestion research & process design teams in the United States (Michigan Biotechnology Institute), Germany and New Zealand (University of Otago and CPG New Zealand). Jurgen now works for Calibre Consulting and in recent years has had a close involvement in the design and implementation of regional Waste to Energy facilities in New Zealand, Australia and Asia including the Camellia biomass project in Paramatta, the commissioning of the new thermophilic digesters at the Christchurch WWTP and the Palmerston North sludge digester plant upgrade to digestion of fatty waste.

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