Web181116: Economic viability of commercial anaerobic digestion of food waste

About the webinar

The Bioenergy Association invited anyone interested in how bioenergy and biofuels could contribute to a sustainable low carbon future to attend this webinar.

Around the world, significant quantities of residual food waste is being treated to produce energy and high grade fertiliser.  It uses proven technology and is an integral part of a growing circular economy.  Cities such as Auckland are adopting “Zero organic waste to landfill by 2040” policies and are looking at how to treat the residual waste that can not be recycled and get income that offsets the cost of waste collection and management.

The webinar was based around information from an operating anaerobic digester facility in Western Australia. The facility takes feedstock from a range of organic waste streams and produces biogas and high grade fertilizer. These underpin the financial viability of the facility.  The webinar provided attendees with:

  • Information from existing operational anaerobic digestion facilities that show the financial viability of treating organic waste instead of disposing of it.
  • An opportunity to discuss with an experienced waste-to-energy expert how to ensure such projects are successful.
  • Information on how to handle multiple feedstock streams so that anaerobic digesters work efficiently.
  • Government policy support will be needed to speed up transition to a low-emissions economy because market forces alone will not be sufficient.

About the presenter

Joseph Oliver has 10 years direct experience in the design, commissioning and operation of commercial scale anaerobic digestion plants in the UK and Australia. He has direct familiarity with installation and operation of the main component parts including pumping systems, gas upgrade, flare systems and biogas generation systems.  He has supervised the design of over 10 AD plants and supervised the construction of 3 successfully operating AD plants in the UK.  Joe led the final design, construction and commissioning of the Richgro plant in Western Australia.

Access webinar recording

Use the following link to access the webinar recording and presenter's slides.

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