Web191107: Licella biomass to biofuels technology - update of worldwide application

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With over AU$75M invested already in the Cat-HTR platform, it is now commercial-ready as Licella work with their partners to build the world's first commercial-scale hydrothermal upgrading plants for producing liquid biofuels.

Licella is a global leader in hydrothermal upgrading and through it’s the Cat-HTR™ (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor) platform, it has the ability to economically transform a wide range of biomass, waste plastic and industry residues into biocrude to produce biofuels and chemicals.

The process chemically transforms biomass and other organic based material (even non-recyclable plastic) into oil, which can be refined to advanced biofuels and chemicals. Hydrothermal upgrading (HTL) is now one of the most likely production pathways for producing advanced drop-in biofuels at scale. The technology produces a stable biocrude which can be easily shipped, is not acidic and is miscible (blendable) with conventional oil.  Attendees heard:

  • An update on Licella activities around the world.
  • What is necessary for the growth of biofuels production within New Zealand and Australia.
  • Why drop-in biofuels is ideal for heavy transport as it makes use of existing petrochemical infrastructure.
  • The adoption of waste streams as a key enabler for the deployment of sustainable fuels.

The Bioenergy Association invited anyone interested in learning how we can kick start the use of biofuels for heavy transport and plant equipment to attend this webinar.

Continuing Professional Development: - The Bioenergy Association supports members by providing opportunities such as this webinar that contribute towards Continuing Professional Development and maintaining registration as a biogas adviser.  Contact the Executive Officer for more details.

About the presenter

Simon Mathewson has over 20 years’ experience in the banking and financial services industry, holding  various senior leadership positions across Westpac, Macquarie Bank and JP Morgan. 

He has extensive leadership experience on strategic projects and innovation.

He brings to Licella Holdings valuable expertise in transitioning entrepreneurial startups through their commercialisation phase through his work as a business consultant.

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