Web210722: Unlocking New Zealand's renewable gas

Attendance at this webinar was FREE courtesy of EECA

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The 'Biogas and Biomethane in New Zealand report' is the result of a study into the opportunities for producing biomethane which reveals that biomethane gas is a viable, untapped solution to decarbonising New Zealand’s natural gas network, with the potential to replace nearly 20% of New Zealand’s total gas usage by 2050.

The study concluded that 4% of New Zealand’s energy-related emissions could be avoided with biogas upgraded into biomethane. This could be produced using existing and available organic waste, like food waste from your kitchens, or farm waste like manure from cow sheds in New Zealand.

Biomethane is a popular low emission gas overseas that has significant potential to replace natural gas. It is a renewable green methane substitute produced by biologically digesting organic waste materials and upgrading the gas produced. It is chemically identical to natural gas, but over the full biomethane value chain it prevents up to 95% of associated carbon emissions.  The webinar:  

  • Provided a summary of the study results
  • Outlined the opportunities for replacing natural gas with biomethane
  • Showed why transitioning to renewable gas is important for NZ

The study was commissioned by Beca, Firstgas, Fonterra and EECA, and supported by LionNZ and representatives from the Bioenergy Association.

About the presenters

Tony Vranjes is a Strategy Advisor at Firstgas Group and independent consultant. Tony has experience in the energy, food and renewables industries in NZ, APAX and North America. Jack Timings is a process engineer at Beca, working in their Industrial Sustainability team to help clients reduce their energy consumption & carbon emissions, and achieve their sustainability objectives.