Web210729: Transitioning to a low emissions business by using biomass fuels

Attendance at this webinar was FREE courtesy of EECA

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Attendance at this webinar was FREE courtesy of EECA

Fonterra has started along its path to a low emissions business by replacing the use of coal fuels by renewable energy fuels.

Fonterra has committed to ending its use of coal by 2037, on the way to net zero emissions by 2050.  The conversion of its Brightwater milk processing plant to biomass fuel started the transformation and the Te Awamutu plant has recently converted to using wood pellet fuel.

In this webinar Fonterra outlined how the Te Awamutu site 43MW coal boiler has been converted to wood pellets. They discussed the challenges of transitioning large heat using facilities.

Fonterra has a long-term plan over the next 17 years to decarbonise and transition the 9 remaining sites that use coal to lower emission energy sources, including wood biomass.  Attendees at this webinar:

  • Gained an understanding of the benefits and challenges of transitioning to be a low emissions business.
  • Received a challenge to provide great levels of biomass fuel near Fonterra’s processing sites, and
  • Heard why the Te Awamutu processing facility was able to be converted early in the transition programme.

The Bioenergy Association invited anyone interested in how bioenergy and biofuels could contribute to a sustainable low carbon future to attend this webinar.

About the presenter:  Kevin Liao is a Senior Energy Engineer in Fonterra’s Energy & Climate Team. Kevin has been working in the Fonterra energy efficiency space for the last 12 years and now focuses on shifting the business with the team to achieve a low carbon future.

Kevin was the Fonterra commissioning manager for the Te Awamutu Wood Pellet Conversion Project.