Web210802: Reducing emissions with renewable gas


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The “Biogas and Biomethane in New Zealand” report (prepared by Beca, Firstgas and Fonterra and supported by EECA and LionNZ) was recently released. The 140 page report covers a wealth of information about the potential for biogases.

In this webinar, Eleanor Grant (Beca), Ben Gerritsen (Firstgas) and Tony Oosten (Fonterra) presented a deep-dive, sister session to the 22nd July Bioenergy Association webinar Unlocking New Zealand’s renewable gas potentialwhich focused on how renewable gas can help reduce company and national emissions. Coverage included:

  • The emissions reductions associated with biogas and biomethane generation;
  • Designing and operating plant and the economics of different processing options; and
  • How a decarbonised grid can help businesses reduce emissions.