Web2110: The future energy needs of Southland and Canterbury thermal heat users

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The webinar reports on surveys undertaken of the future thermal energy needs of Southland and Canterbury, two of the largest areas of thermal fuel consumption in NZ.

The surveys investigated the opportunity for the biomass industry to grow to meet this demand as heat plant owners transition from using fossil fuels to low emissions fuels.  The surveys also identified the key barriers that must be addressed to ensure this transition occurs in a cost effective, timely way.

The focus is on the stated intentions of heat users to transition to biomass or electricity fuels.

Additional information referred to in the webinar

  • Decarbonising Industrial Process Heat webinar recording (held 21 Sept 2021), EECA recently hosted a webinar to launch their latest work on decarbonising industrial process heat.  Webinar recording available here
  • New Zealand Regional Heat Demand Database - EECA has developed an interactive data visualisation tool that enables users to view fuel demand for process heat by region, site count, heat demand, and energy demand.  The database is complete for two regionals - Southland and Canterbury.  Further regions will be updated progressively in the coming months to complete the South Island, then North Island data in 2022.  View the database here

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