Web220215-17: A paradigm shift to circular economy decentralised resource recovery from wastewater

Accessing vidoes and recordings from Sessions 1&2

Introduction to the RUN4LIFE project & virtual tours of its four demo sites
held Tues 15 Feb 2022 at 2:00 PM (NZ time)

  • Session 1 Moderator: Alzbeta Bouskova
    [Bioenergy Association (BANZ) Biogas Steering Group Convener]

Session 1 presented the concept of the RUN4LIFE (Recovery and Utilisation of Nutrients 4 Low Impact Fertiliser) Project and included presentations from their four demo sites with their individual and collective learnings regarding the technological feasibility, social acceptability, legal and regulatory barriers for implementation.

View recordings and videos from Session 1 below:

  • An introduction to the RUN4LIFE project by Iemke Bisschops, Project Communication Manager.  Please note Iemke's presentation starts after the webinar intro - view video here
  • A virtual tour of the demo site in Ghent, Belgium - view video here
  • A virtual tour to the demo site in Sneek, the Netherlands - view video here
  • A virtual tour to the demo site in Vigo, Spain (please note this video is in Spanish with English subtitles)view video here
  • A virtual tour to the demo site in Helsingborg, Sweden (please note this video is in Swedish with English subtitles) - view video here
  • See more information on the RUN4LIFE website here
  • Webinar flyer available here

Q&A session with the RUN4LIFE project manager and representatives from the four demo sites
Thurs 17 Feb 2022 at 7:00 PM (NZ time)


  • Alzbeta Bouskova - BANZ Biogas Steering Group & Webinar Session Moderator, New Zealand
  • Iemke Bisschops (LeAF BV) - RUN4LIFE Project Communication Manager, the Netherlands
  • Hamse Kjerstadius (NSVA)  - demo-site Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Lieven Demolder (CEIP) - demo-site Ghent, Belgium
  • Nicolas Morales (Aqualia) - demo-site Vigo, Spain
  • Paraschos Chatzopoulos (Desah) - demo-site Sneek, the Netherlands
  • Beatriz Medina (WE&B) - social acceptance (Spain)
  • Elvira Serra (Isle Utilities) - market uptake (UK)

Session 2 was run to give attendees the opportunity to speak and hear directly from the RUN4LIFE project representatives from the four demo sites.

Attendance at this webinar was free courtesy of