WoodScape Study - regional wood processing options

by Peter Scion (Scion), Michael Jack (Scion), Luke Barry (Scion), Andrew Goodison (FPInnovations)

In 2011, Woodco presented a strategy for the forestry and wood processing sector. The main aim of the strategy is to double exports (to NZ$12 billion) from increased onshore processing of New Zealand’s expanding log supply by 2022. Increased onshore wood processing can have significant benefits for both national and regional economic development. The WoodScape study was commissioned by Woodco to identify pathways forward for the sector by identifying resource, market and wood processing opportunities. The forestry and wood processing sector displays significant regional variation throughout New Zealand. Due to transport infrastructure, current wood processing plant, and wood resource characteristics, the forestry and wood processing sector displays significant regional variation throughout New Zealand. These factors will influence the wood processing future for each region and must be taken into account in assessing any future regional wood processing strategy.

This report summarises the key factors that will influence each of the five region’s future wood processing strategies and presents the findings of the techno-economic assessment of wood processing technology options relevant to each region. 

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