Workshop160721: Commercial biomass boilers and co-firing

A joint Bioenergy Association and Venture Southland event

An exciting opportunity for commercial and industrial heat plant users, owners, and stakeholders to learn more about biomass boilers and their application in Southland. This event covered case studies on converting existing coal boilers, installing new biomass boilers and co-firing opportunities (combining coal and woodchip).


  • Sustainability Growth in Southland, presented by Stephen Canny, Venture Southland
  • Environment Southland Airshed, presented by Owen West, Environment Southland
  • European trends are they relevant?, presented by Lloyd McGinty, Venture Southland
  • Co-firing biomass and coal, presented by Desmond Gong, Tailored Energy Solutions
  • Emissions and biomass boilers, presented by Lloyd McGinty, Venture Southland
  • Fonterra’s renewable trilemma, presented by Tony Oosten, Fonterra
  • Wood energy heating, presented by Gavin McKenzie, Ministry of Education
  • Dunedin Energy Centre, presented by Jonathan Suggate, Pioneer Energy
  • Burwood Hospital Project, presented by Brendon Stephenson, Energy Solution Providers

Use the links below to view presentations from the workshop:

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