Wshop120607: Realising the opportunities for biofuels and bioproducts from woody biomass

With the establishment of biofuels and biochemical targets in the New Zealand Forest and Wood Products Industry Strategic Action Plan, sector players are focusing on the commercial drivers for making it happen. The Woodco-led industry plan builds on the Government’s own Energy Strategies and the Bioenergy Strategy being led by BANZ. We now have a sound basis for moving forward to realise the opportunities.

This conference, held in conjunction with NZBIO, brought investors, resource owners and technology providers together to start building the relationships for moving forward


  • Business Growth Agenda: the role of forestry & bioenergy, by James Palmer of Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Building on New Zealand’s existing bio-economy base, by Suzanne Bertrand of NZBIO
  • The opportunities are here for the taking, by Duncan Stewart of Pure Advantage
  • The global evolution of the bio-economy, by Cameron Begley of CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australia
  • Trees – New Zealand’s future oil wells?, by Trevor Stuthridge of Scion
  • Creating a biofuels company – An investor’s perspective, by Jason Cordes of Eros Capital
  • Introducing biofuels into the transportation sector, by Danusia Wypych of Z Energy
  • Thermochemical production of liquid biofuels – progressing to demonstration scale in NZ, by Clinton Boyes of Norske Skog Tasman
  • Multi-biomass to economic renewable hydro-carbon fuels, by Nick Gerritsen of  Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation
  • Extracting biofuels from woody biomass, by Andrew Campbell of Fuel Technology
  • Nanofibres from wood – a next generation biomaterial, by Iain Hosie of Revolution Fibres
  • Turning the Woodco Strategic Action Plan into reality, by David Rhodes of NZFOA
  • Biorefining Opportunities for Chemical Pulp Mills, by Dr Jon Ryder of CHH Pulp and Paper
  • Creating a roadmap for the knowledge-based Bio-economy – New Zealand’s global role, by Elspeth MacRae of Scion
  • Summary and Wrap-up, by Kevin Snowdon of Vertichem Technology (and Liquid Biofuels Interest Group convener)

Click on the following link to view presentations from the event.

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