Wshop130516: Unlocking additional revenue from traditional rural land use - integrating forestry, biomass crops and bioenergy products

Unlocking additional revenue from traditional rural land use - integrating forestry, biomass crops and bioenergy products workshop, (16 May 2013) - held at the Distinction Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand.

This event was for all landowners, Maori Trusts, and decision-makers looking to enhance economic returns from rural land through growing and producing new product streams for NZ’s growing bio-based economy.

Click on the following links to view and download the presentations:

  • A snapshot of the New Zealand bioenergy market with relevance to land owners, presented by Brian Cox, Bioenergy Association
  • Optimising the use of resources – Industrial symbiosis and bioenergy, presented by Dr Michael Jack, Scion
  • What are the opportunities for unlocking revenue for land owners?, presented by John Gifford, Gifford Consulting
  • Alternative Tree Crops and their values for bioenergy and bio-processing, presented by Dr Elspeth MacRae, Scion
  • Utilisation of short rotation crops for multiple uses (economic and environmental benefits), presented by Kevin Snowdon, BANZ Liquid Biofuels and Co-products Interest Group
  • Integrating energy crops with farm production, presented by Christopher Littlejohn, Lincoln University
  • Maximising the revenue from steep hillsides with opportunities for bioenergy, presented by Michael Cambridge, Marlborough Forest Industry Association
  • Mauri or money?, presented by Hirini Reedy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)
  • Integrating multiple land use options for improved environmental, social and economic outcomes, presented by Daniel Rutledge, Landcare Research
  • Case study: Integrating forestry, energy crops farming and other uses of rural land  for resilient businesses, presented by Graham West and Peter Hall, Scion and John Gifford, Gifford Consulting
  • Miscanthus as a crop for flatter land, presented by Peter Brown, Miscanthus NZ
  • Biogas from farm wastes, by-products and crops – local solutions for local issues, presented by Stephan Heubeck - NIWA and Rocky Renquist - Bioenergy Cropping Solutions
  • Case study: Biogas from farm wastes and agro-industrial biosolids, presented by Jurgen Thiele, Spiire New Zealand
  • Establishing collective action, presented by Hamish Levack, NZ Farm Forestry Association

(Image: Stuart Anderson, manager North Island regions, policy branch, Ministry for Primary Industries)

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