Wshop140814: Extraction of value from industrial and municipal waste

…a showcase of innovative technologies for application in New Zealand, Australia and internationally, followed by field trip.


  • Renewable fuels and chemicals from waste - the case of Enerkem,
    presented by keynote speaker Marie-Helene Labrie, Enerkem, Canada - (access Marie-Helene's video recording)
  • How the Low Carbon Auckland Plan will open opportunities for business, environmental outcomes and a more liveable city,
    presented by Robert Perry, Auckland Council
  • Development of sustainable waste management in Borås Sweden,
    presented by Linda Eliasson, Borås Energi och Miljö AB, Sweden - (accesss Linda's audio recording)
  • Co-digestion and its potential application in New Zealand,
    presented by Caroline Crosby & Rob Fullerton, CH2M Beca
  • Four showcase industrial applications in Australia,
    presented by Alzbeta Bouskova, ADI Asia Pacific
  • What we have learnt from three decades of working with electricity production from biogas,
    presented by Bob Weston, Entec
  • The potential for further biogas plant to be added to municipal waste treatment facilities,
    presented by Jurgen Thiele, Spiire
  • Water care and energy generation,
    presented by Jonathan Piggot, Auckland Watercare
  • Biocells offer a new technology option for disposal of source-separated organic wastes,
    presented by Mark Milke, University of Canterbury
  • Co-benefit biogas: Synergistic technologies enabling biogas use at smaller wastewater treatment plants,
    presented by Stephan Heubeck, Jason Park and Rupert Craggs, NIWA
  • What to consider when making an investment decision,
    presented by Andrew Carvell, Whangarei Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Case study 1- How can Christchurch make the economics stack up,
    presented by Yvonne Gilmore , Christchurch City Council
  • Case study 2 – Palmerston North,
    presented by Phil Burt, Palmerston North City Council
  • Biogas Conditioning System Design,
    presented by Jim Groman, Varec, Cypress, California, USA
  • Who's Who of attendees at the Biogas event.

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