Wshop150626: Wood fuelled heat plant operators forum

A forum for heat plant owners and operators to share experiences and learn from each other how to optimise wood fuelled heat plant operation, held on26 June 2015 at Distinction Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand.

The event was structured around a range of plant suppliers, maintainers and operators sharing their knowledge and experiences and attendees discussing their own operating problems through facilitated group discussions. 

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  • Five things that we have learnt about operating wood fuelled heat plant,
    by Stephen Jones and Trevor Gerken, Pioneer Generation
  • Lifting the bar on industrial boiler asset care,
    by Tony Oosten, Fonterra
  • The wood energy quality framework,
    by Brian Cox, Bioenergy Association
  • Possible wood fuel market trends,
    by John Gifford, Gifford Consulting
  • Experiences of a wood fuel supplier,
    by Brad Coleman, Canterbury Woodchip Supplies
  • Experiences of a wood fuel buyer,
    by Stevan Dunn, Carter Holt Harvey Pulp and Paper
  • Experiences from plant maintenance,
    by Gary Fleet, Tubman Heating
  • Experiences from a plant supplier,
    by Rob Mallinson, Living Energy
  • Manage your fuel manages your plant,
    by Brian Anderson, Bryn Martin Ltd
  • Plant optimisation 101,
    by James Malthus, RCR Energy Services
  • Fuel flexibility, efficiencies and pay-back of advanced energy plants,
    by Christian Jirkowsky, Polytechnik Biomass Energy

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