Wshop150929: Showcasing wood fuelled heat plant in Christchurch

A Bioenergy Association travelling workshop held on 29 September 2015.  A showcase of innovative larger scale wood fuelled heat plant and wood fuel supply in Christchurch.

Christchurch now has a reliable wood fuel supply with four accredited wood fuel suppliers and a range of heat plant applications.  This event was for those interested in understanding modern wood fuelled heat plant and investing in wood energy facilities in Canterbury and elsewhere. It provided an opportunity to see the heat plant in action and to hear from the owners, operators and equipment suppliers.

This was a hands-on travelling workshop where attendees saw and touched the plant on site. The site visits were wrapped in travelling presentations and discussions.  During the trip speakers provided information on each site visited and on the specific technology and aspects of the application. The small groups assisted discussion between attendees and provided the ability to question speakers.

Event focus:

  • to demonstrate five modern heat plant facilities
  • to update attendees on the technologies being used
  • to hear from owners why they chose wood energy
  • to provide the latest information for heat plant owners on the Bioenergy Association’s Wood Energy Quality Programme.
  • to provide opportunities for heat plant owners, investors, wood fuel suppliers and equipment suppliers to share ideas.

A specific focus of the workshop was on the wood fuel supply at each facility. Owners and fuel suppliers discussed the importance of having a reliable and consistent supply of contracted specification fuel.

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