Wshop160204: Wood residue to energy opportunities in Auckland

The "Wood residue to energy opportunities in Auckland" forum was held on 4 February 2016 at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson, Auckland.  

The Forum outlined what is happening across New Zealand with regard to the use of wood energy and introduced attendees to the Auckland wood energy market.


  • Utilisation of wood fuel in schools, hospitals and institutions
    Greg Visser, GM Business, EECA
  • How the Low Carbon Auckland Plan is opening opportunities for business, environmental outcomes and a more liveable city
    Robert Perry - Principal Sustainability and Resilience Advisor, Auckland Council
  • Overview of the growth in use of wood fuel in New Zealand
    Brian Cox - Executive Officer, Bioenergy Association
  • The demand for heat in Auckland
    Kirk Archibald - Project Manager, EECA
  • The supply of wood residues for fuel in Auckland
    Mike Suggate - Director, East Harbour Energy
  • Schools hospitals using wood energy for heating
    Rob Mallinson - General Manager, Living Energy
  • Zealandia's use of wood energy for hot house heating
    Vincent Wylaars, Zealandia Horticulture
  • Utilising wood residues
    Andrew Fisher - Managing Director, EcoStock
  • Hospital and horticultural uses of wood energy
    Christian Jirkowsky - General Manager, Polytechnik Biomass Energy
  • All wood fuel is not equal
    John Gifford - Principal Consultant, Gifford Consulting
  • Getting your heat plant sized correctly for your heat demand
    Peter Kernohan - Peter Kernohan Solutions

Click on the following link to view presentations from the workshop.

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