Wshop170914: Heat Plant Forum 2017

A Workshop held 14 September 2017 at Tait Technology Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand.  

The Heat Plant Operators Forum is an annual Bioenergy Association event and is held so that plant operators have a place to come together and learn from each other. Scroll down the page to read short bios of speakers and their presentations from the event.

This event was for heat plant operators and maintainers to meet each other and to share experiences – good and bad. By hearing what other operators have done to ensure appropriate fuel and optimise plant it is likely that attendees will learn how of best practice to improve their own plant performance.

The forum was structured around the challenges of fuel, air emissions, converting coal plant to use wood fuel and plant optimization. This will be achieved by talking with relevant experts and discussing their own operating problems through facilitated group discussion.  Speakers discussed the art of working with difficult biomass fuels, drying and fuel handling and storage to get optimal heat output.


  • Co-Firing a Bark/Natural Gas Boiler with Premium Wood Pellet Fuel, by Scott Fairbairn, Nature’s Flame
  • Optimising heat plant performance – fuel, equipment and output, by Martin Atkins & James Neale, Waikato University
  • Projections of wood fuel supply until 2040, by Peter Hall, Scion
  • The art of contracting to buy wood fuel, by Tim Emson, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Coal/biomass conversions, Geoff Paynter, Taymac, & Brian Anderson,  Bryn Martin Ltd
  • Experience of conversions and co-firing wood with coal at Dunedin Energy Centre, Trevor Gerken, Pioneer Energy
  • The good, the bad and the difficult of fuel handling and storage, by Rob Mallinson, Living Energy
  • Common problems with operating boiler plants, by Peter Judd, Lyttelton
  • 4 panelists share experiences of the evolving wood energy market
    Southland process heat project update, with Steve Canny, Venture Southland
    Update on regional air emission rules and regulations, by Brian Cox - Bioenergy Association
    Supplying fuel in the current market, by Brook Brewerton, Azwood Energy.
  • Techniques for controlling emissions to air, by Maurice Davies, Windsor Engineering
  • Using ORC bolt-on equipment to get additional value from your heat, by Christian Jirkowsky, Polytechnik Biomass Energy
  • Lean Energy – an analytical approach to thermal plant optimisation, by Jeff Smit, DETA Consulting

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