Wshop180530: Transitioning coal to wood fuel in Otago

... the opportunities and challenges ...

The "Transitioning from coal to wood in Otago" Conference was held in Dunedin on 30 May 2018.   The workshop provided an overview of the wood fuel supply market in the region and the opportunities emerging.  Recent work for the Otago Mayoral Forum indicates that there is a potential for 70MWth of processing heat plant currently using coal which could be substituted by wood fuel. This would produce greenhouse gas emission reductions of 84 kt CO2-e which would be a big dent in the region’s overall emissions.


  • The opportunities for transitioning to wood fuel in Otago
    Lloyd McGinty, Ahika
  • The New Zealand heat market and the growth of wood fuel
    Brian Cox, Bioenergy Association
  • Applying the lessons from Wood Energy South to Otago
    Isabel Huther, Venture Southland
  • Value add opportunities in the wood processing sector
    Simon Knight, Niagara
  • Wood fuel standards and certification
    Brook Brewerton, Azwood
  • The national supply of wood fuel
    Scot Fairbairn, Natures Flame
  • Sourcing fuel from the agriculture sector
    Sam Lees, Canterbury Wood Chip Supplies
  • Sourcing fuel from plantation forestry
    Richard Ireland, Pioneer Energy Wood Fuel
  • Getting fuel handling and storage right
    Rob Mallinson, Living Energy and Wood Energy Australia
  • How a proactive maintenance programme reduces costs
    John Faul, CH Faul and Company Ltd
  • Lessons from moving from coal to wood fuel
    Hans Pietsch, University of Otago
  • Milburn sawmill has new lease of life with new heat plant
    Christian Jirkowsky, Poytechnk biomass & Blair Watson, Pan Pac Forest Products

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