Wshop191030: Evidence for processing organic waste to biogas

We would like to thank our event sponsors:

EECA Business, BPO Limited, Calibre, Hitachi Zosen INOVA, and Organics Group


Interim Climate Change Committee (ICCC) has been looking at ways to incorporate stakeholder evidence and information to support development of New Zealand’s first three emissions budgets out to 2035.  The ICCC has called for evidence on options available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the period 2022 to 2035.

This workshop was to share evidence from recent and proposed projects and to identify those aspects which make projects successful, and identify barriers where new policies or assistance would assist get more projects committed. The workshop covered the treatment of solid and liquid municipal organic wastes, the use of food processing residues, and the opportunities for use of agricultural organic wastes.

Background reading / supporting material


  • Resource efficiency and circular economy transition (RECET) work programme
    Roderick Boys, Ministry for the Environment
  • ICCC request for evidence
    David Prentice, Interim Climate Change Committee
  • Waste to biogas and biofertiliser 101
    Alistair Broughton, BPO Limited
  • Market overview - producing and using biogas and biofertiliser within a circular economy
    Brian Cox, Bioenergy Association
  • Climate protection with Anaerobic digestion options and opportunities
    Jurgen Thiele, Calibre
  • Treating food processing residues to produce biogas and biofertiliser
    Alzbeta Bouskova, BPO Limited
  • The potential for processing organics instead of disposing to landfill
    Grant Smith, Ecogas
  • The potential for processing dairy shed effluent as part of a circular economy business
    Jurgen Thiele, Calibre
  • Processing horticultural waste in an anaerobic digester to produce biogas for heating
    Alzbeta Bouskova, BPO Limited
  • Utilising piggery waste to produce on-site energy
    Simon Hunt, Rawhiti Pork
  • The opportunities and constraints for processing wastes into biogas and biofertiliser
    Ron Hamilton, Fonterra
  • Digester efficiency upgrades - how to double capacity and quadruple revenue
    Jurgen Thiele, Calibre
  • Thermal ammonia removal and recovery
    Jo Westwood, Organics Group UK
  • The challenge of packaging feedstock to maximise value
    Chris Pepper, Manawatu District Council
  • Processing food waste in Reporoa
    Andrew Fisher, Eco Stock Supplies
  • Opportunities in Southland
    Isabel Huther, Great South
  • Discussion forum - policies and programmes that would make a difference
    Speakers and attendees
  • Source separation is key
    Marc Stammbach, Hitachi Zosen Inova

The workshop presentations are linked to the programme in the following link.

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