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Taymac has been operating for over 100 years and has undergone changes of ownership and focus.  Taymac has experienced growth through acquisition of Fowlerex Technologies, a Sydney based environmental engineering company and Taunton Engineering, a Christchurch based engineering, mould making and site services company.

Taymac produces a wide range of emission control, industrial fans, boilers and associated equipment which are supplied around the world, including Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa and the UK. Taymac wood combustion equipment has been operating in the building products, timber processing, wool processing and institutional sectors for over 10 years. Taymac emission control equipment has been improving New Zealand’s environment for 30 years before that.

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Website: http://www.taymac.co.nz/index.html
Contact: Geoff Paynter
By email: geoff.paynter@taymac.co.nz

Company activities:
Producer of a wide range of emission control, industrial fans and boilers