Webinar: Where could the biomass we need for biofuels come from? (presenters Peter Hall, Scion & Brian Cox, BANZ)

Thurs, 12 May 2022
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Analysis shows that there is adequate biomass potentially available to meet much of the expected demand for bioenergy and biofuels and supply is increasing as demand increases.

Like most markets supply increases to meet demand and the biomass supply market is no different.

Bioenergy Association has developed a scenario on how the biomass could be supplied to produce the 150PJ of bioenergy and biofuels which is the sector target by 2050*. This scenario is based on Scion’s updated projections for biomass residue availability resources in New Zealand by volume, type, energy content and region over time until 2050**.

The projections of residual biomass supply are based around three possible levels of biomass recovery. The webinar will discuss the assumptions and assist those making decisions on future solid biofuel availability to understand the evolving biomass recovery technologies and what quantities of biomass could occur in their region.

* Sourcing biomass to meet 150PJ of bioenergy and biofuels

*  Residual-biomass-fuel-projections-for-nz

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About the presenters

Peter Hall has worked in forest management, logging and bioenergy research in various roles since 1978. 

Currently employed at Scion as a scientist/project manager, in Scion's Bioenergy programme, working on biomass resource analysis, solid fuels, industrial symbiosis and techno-economic analysis.

Brian Cox is Executive Officer of the Bioenergy Association and leads work being undertaken by the association and its members to ensure that adequate biomass is available of the right type, at the right place, at the right time, and right price to meet the demand for future supply of bioenergy and biofuels.