Biogas opportunities for Australia

Biogas is a renewable, reliable and local source of energy. The biogas industry provides an alternative route for waste treatment while contributing to the development of local economies

This report complements another report commissioned by Bioenergy Australia that was recently published, Bioenergy state of the nation report, as well as other initiatives launched by Energy Networks Australia: Gas Vision 2050, Decarbonising Australia’s gas distribution networks and Renewable gas for the future Bib.7. 3. 8.

This “Biogas Opportunities for Australia” assessment of the sector identifies significant biogas potential in Australia is comparable to the current biogas production in Germany, equivalent to almost 9 per cent of Australia’s total final energy consumption. Moreover, the investment opportunity for new bioenergy and energy from waste projects is estimated at $A3.5 to 5.0 billion, with the potential to avoid up to 9 million tonnes of CO2e emissions each year.

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