Technical Guides: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

  • Technical Guide 8.0: Process Heat - This is a guide to best practice in improving energy efficiency in boilers, steam systems, hot water systems and process heating. Topics covered include: what are the basic components of industrial steam, hot water and process heating systems?; How can I tell if the system is functioning efficiently?; What are the areas where systems can be improved to operate more efficiently?  Read more here ..>>
  • Technical Guide 9.0: Production of wood fuel from forest landings - Wood fuel is a clean and renewable energy source. Burning wood fuel has a low net greenhouse effect as the C02 given off is absorbed by the growth of the next crop. The focus of these guidelines is on residues from landings - currently the largest unused source of woody biomass. Aimed at experienced forestry contractors, this guide outlines proven methods for extracting wood fuel from forest landings.  Read more here ..>>
  • Wood energy: Using wood as a renewable energy source - This guide outlines the potential of wood energy within the New Zealand business environment. It outlines the strong environmental and economic benefits, as well as the emerging opportunities.  Read more here ..>>
  • Technical Guide 13.0: Boiler tuning procedure - In 2010 EECA reviewed the potential for improving efficiency of boilers operating in New Zealand. The potential for improvement is vast and this boiler tuning procedure is one of the main recommendations from EECA's review. The procedure is aimed at achieving three key objectives - increase the frequency at which boilers are tuned in New Zealand; create a tuning procedure aimed specifically at increasing the efficiency of boilers; and unify the standard to which boilers are tuned.  Read more here ..>> 
  • Transport guidelines for wood residue for biofuels - In any system for delivering wood residue as biofuels from forests or wood processing sites, transport is a key factor and contributes significant cost. Transport cost as a percentage of delivered cost can vary from ~12% (5 km haul) to ~60% (150 km haul) depending on the transport distance. Optimising transport systems on medium (50 km) to long (100 km) haul transport is therefore critical to minimising costs.  Read more here ..>>

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